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    What to Expect at St. Mark's

    Walking through the doors of a church you’ve never attended can be intimidating. We hope to take a few of those concerns away by addressing them right here.

    Why would I want to attend a church service?

    That's a good question. We proclaim in worship the world's most important message:

    1. There is a God to whom we are accountable for our flawed lives.
    2. But Jesus has taken away our sins and provided for us His righteousness.
    3. Without regular hearing of that message and growing in faith, we risk losing our faith and eternal life in heaven.
    What kind of church are you?

    We’re a Christian church, part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. But more important than our affiliation is our set of beliefs – you can find those here. 

    What should I wear?

    What's important to us is not what your wear, but that you are there. Our members do wish to honor their Savior by looking presentable and you will see some of them dressing up.

    What happens during a worship service?

    You'll receive a service folder as you walk into our sanctuary. This has all of the information you'll need to follow along with the service.

    We'll sing both traditional and modern hymns - whatever best proclaims Jesus according to the Bible.

    Many of our services are liturgical in style, meaning we follow the same outline each week, but the content changes based on the scripture and topics we're studying.

    The service will be about an hour long, with a 15-20 minute sermon. The message is always rooted in the truth of the Bible, always centers on the good news of salvation in Jesus. You will find that it will always apply to your life today.

    What is the style of worship at St. Mark's?

    We strive for reverent and relevant worship at St. Mark's. You will find our services accessible for you, whether you are brand new of have been worshipping with us for years.

    Our services are liturgical, meaning they usually follow a similar pattern each week, including:

    • The Invocation - We call on the name of our Savior God - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - as we praise him.
    • Admitting sins and Hearing Forgiveness - We acknowledge that we have not always done what God commands. Then we are assured of forgiveness because of what Jesus Christ has done for us.
    • Bible Readings - We hear selections from God's Old Testament prophets, Jesus' apostles, and from Jesus himself in the Gospels. The pastor also gives a brief explanation of each reading.
    • Sermon - Our pastor offers instruction and encouragement in a Bible-based sermon. We hear how we can expect God's guidance and grace in our life's journey. The central message will always be our forgiveness of sins and promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
    • Response to the Word - We respond with offerings, hymns, and prayers in thanks for the things God has promised to us and for strength to do what he has asked.
    • Parting blessing - We hear one last assurance of God's care.

    Mixed throughout these different parts of our service are hymns and short songs to praise God.

    Can I talk to someone first?

    Yes! We understand that visiting a new church can be hard. From new faces to unfamiliar traditions, the experience can be overwhelming. We'd love to connect with you and learn more about you.

    >> Request a meeting.

    Do you celebrate communion?

    We do celebrate and practice close communion at St. Mark's at every service. This means that we invite our members and those in fellowship with our beliefs (WELS or ELS Christians) to commune with us.

    Christians joined together by a common confession of faith—and demonstrating that common confession of faith by their church membership—express their unity through reception of the Lord’s Supper. (1 Corinthians 10:16-17 & 1 Corinthians 11:23-29)

    If you're not currently a member and would like to learn more about communing with us, we encourage you to connect with us or speak with one of our pastors to learn more. We look forward to the day when we commune together!

    What about my kids? Will they attend worship with me?

    We love having children in our worship services! Your kids are always welcome, and we try to make our services engaging and special for the kids, too. We believe that worshipping together, as a family, is important for both children and parents.

    But, we know that an hour-long sit can be tough for little ones. If your children are feeling restless, feel free to let them move about the nursery in the back of church. The nursery has glass windows and speakers to allow you and your children the opportunity to view the service. 

    What measures are in place to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 or other germs during worship?

    We want to nourish and feed your soul with the life-giving Word of God every time you visit us. Additionally, we care deeply about your physical health. We want all who join us to feel welcome and safe in our church.

    As we hold services onsite during times of the COVID-19 pandemic, extra measures are in place as advised by the CDC and state and local authorities to ensure the health and safety of our visitors. These measures include:

    • Sanitization of our worship center before, between, and after services
    • Availability of hand sanitizer throughout our church
    • Online worship opportunities for those who feel more comfortable worshiping with us virtually

    Location & Service Times

    615 Jones St.
    Watertown, WI 53094


    Worship Times

    Wednesdays @ 7 PM

    Saturdays @ 6 PM

    Sundays @ 7:30 AM, 9 AM, 10:45 AM

    Bible Class

    Sundays @ 8:45 AM, 10:30 AM

    Spanish Worship

    Sundays @ 6:30 PM

    Become a Member

    Joining a church family is a big decision. Through our membership classes, we want to make sure to provide you with deep understanding of Biblical truth, and how you can continue to grow in God's grace at St. Mark's.

    Our membership class is also designed to get you connected - both to our pastors and to other members at St. Mark's - so you can find your place here.

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