Benefits of Worship

It would be worth getting to worship this week…, Sermons Change Our Lives

He pleaded with them: Be saved from this corrupt generation!

Acts 2:40

A child hears a funeral sermon, draws comfort that her dear grandma is in heaven, and thinks: I’ve got to grab Jesus and never let him go…. A teenager hears a weekend sermon, he concludes that confidence in Christ is the one necessary thing in life, and he decides: I’ve got to plan to serve my Savior full time…. A young couple hears a wedding sermon, they learn that the Lord promises never to forsake those united in holy matrimony, and they resolve: We cannot live in sin any longer….

By the power of God the Holy Spirit, sermons change our lives. They portray our Savior as our greatest treasure, and they make us less greedy. They proclaim Jesus as our dearest Friend, and they change us into dear friends for others. Sermons declare our Savior’s obedience even to evil earthly leaders, and they lead us to honor the authorities in our lives.

Most of all: sermons give us a regular, hearty, and balanced banquet of God’s Word. They cause our souls to growl for forgiveness, and then they fill our spirits with righteousness from Christ. Sermons are like meals of good food. We may struggle to remember in detail any particular one of them. However, we realize that without them we would have starved long ago. That’s why you’re grateful for regular worship services, and you very frequently attend them.