Benefits of Worship

What are the benefits of having a congregation, pastors, and regular worship? –

They Help You Properly to Value Holy Matrimony

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church.

Ephesians 5:25

Marriage is under assault in the modern day USA. The devil has succeeded in persuading very many people that Holy Matrimony is no longer the union of one man and one woman under God until death parts them. This satanic confusion is the very atmosphere we Americans breathe.

Yet every Christian ought to value marriage as a precious gift from God. Not only do we all have many friends and family members who are married, Holy Matrimony actually depicts for us the loving relationship between Jesus and us. So, whether you personally are never-married, presently married, or formerly married: you value marriage.

You also appreciate that your congregation has a special role in proclaiming the principles of the Originator of marriage himself. In depth – in sermons, in classes, and in visits – we teach our members to appreciate marriage. More broadly, we share this appreciation with non-members, who might otherwise enter church only when (as someone once quipped) “a loved one is either hatched, matched, or dispatched.”

So, be sure to participate in your church’s work and pray for its ministry, also for the sake of its testimony on matrimony.