Benefits of Worship

It would be worth getting to worship this week…,

The importance of repentance

Repentance & forgiveness of sins will be preached in His name.

Luke 24:47

“Repent!” There’s a word we don’t hear much nowadays, at least not outside the walls of our church. And there’s a reason for that. The cry to repent means that there is something wrong, and it must be fixed, and that isn’t easy. Everybody’s sinful nature rejects it wholeheartedly. So, we don’t often hear from our countrymen the call to “repent”.

“Repent!” That’s also a much misunderstood word, even inside the church. Some think it means that people must change their ways and works. Those are important fruits of repentance, but they are not repentance. Others think that repentance means to feel sorry – sorry enough! – for your sins. That’s contrition, and it’s important, but it’s not repentance. Many people think that repentance is something God calls upon us to do by our power. That’s certainly not true.

“Repent!” Here’s what it means: “By the power of the Holy Spirit, working through his Word, undergo a change of heart—from lack of concern over sin and lack of confidence in Christ … to earnest concern over your transgressions and complete reliance on Christ to take them away.” Now that’s a message you hear constantly from your congregation and its called workers. Every week is your opportunity to take advantage of that, and to support the proclamation of repentance!