Benefits of Worship

It would be worth getting to worship this week…, if only to pray together.

I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing

1 Timothy 2:8

Prayer is certainly something Christians can do alone and in private. In fact, they should do so—and regularly!

But God wants us praying publicly, too. It’s an honor to Christ when a sizeable part of His Body is praising and petitioning him together. It’s good for us Christians, too, because the Spirit makes something powerful out of all those hearts directed to one purpose and all those voices speaking in unison.

Besides, such prayer is highly practical. The way the prayers in church are phrased, with a balance of thanks and requests, and the wide variety of topics they take up are a pattern for our own personal petitions. Plus, in worship we find ourselves praying by name for many of our dear brothers and sisters in their various needs.

So, also in order to pray together: we’ll see you in worship this weekend!