Reception of Lord’s Supper

It is worth receiving the Lord’s Supper frequently: for the forgiveness of sins.

Lutheran Christians treasure Holy Communion chiefly for this: as Luther wrote in the catechism, “through these words we receive forgiveness of sins … in this sacrament.”  In so writing, our namesake was doing no more than reflecting our Savior’s own clear words on our behalf. 

But don’t we receive the forgiveness of sins also apart from the Lord’s Supper?  Granted—and for that we rejoice, especially on behalf of our non-communicant children.  Still, can you ever get too much pardon for your sins—such that we should diminish the sacrament’s importance?  And, could the forgiveness of sins ever be yours more personally than in Holy Communion—where with your own mouth, and body, and soul, you receive Christ’s own body and blood?  These were the exact elements the Lord used to accomplish your salvation! 

No wonder we want to receive the Lord’s Supper regularly—and no doubt: you will do so this weekend, or sometime soon. 

It was poured out for you for the forgiveness of sins.

Matthew 26:28