Reception of Lord’s Supper

It is worth receiving the Lord’s Supper frequently: to proclaim the Lord’s return.

This month we celebrate Christ’s ascension into heaven. On the day that happened, angels promised that Jesus would also someday return visibly to earth. It reminds us every month of the year – in fact, every moment – that we must be prepared for God’s great Day of Judgment.

Your celebration of Holy Communion is one of the ways the Lord prepares you for his return. If you regularly receive Lord’s Supper, then whenever Christ comes back, you will be able to say, “Jesus, I’ve been expecting you! Your body and your blood, which I have received, have testified that you live to rescue me from this world—and to deliver me into the next.”

More than that, your attendance at the Lord’s Table is a way for you to proclaim these same special truths to others: people for whom Christ also lives and will return.

All of this makes it an urgent matter for you, once again and soon, to receive Holy Communion!

You proclaim the Lord’s death, until he comes.

1 Corinthians 11:26